Monday, October 27, 2008

Cowboys vs. Mounties

In our last class reading assignment, we were asked to analyze an article by Sarah Vowell. In her article, she compares the Americans and Canadians patriotism. Two points made in the article are that Canadian (Mounties) treat everyone with respect. They are non- violent.The other point made in this article is that the people in Canada seem to be less aggressive, less selfish, and more apt to help others.Canadians believe in helping others not just one’s self. A Mountie was asked about his, “squeaky-clean” image by the author. He was also asked where his dark side was. He laughed and answered that there was no dark side. He explained that Canadians are no better than anyone else; compared to the Americans who are more violent and take more pride in their county because they believe they better than everyone else.
I like the Canadian structure better because I like helping others. I feel I can be part of a team. I don’t feel the need to be selfish. I believe in other people’s rights as well as my own.

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